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MrBeast has become the first YouTuber to surpass 300 million subscribers

MrBeast has become the first YouTuber to surpass 300 million subscribers

The YouTuber recently said he wanted to run for president

MrBeast has officially become the first YouTuber to ever reach 300 million subscribers on the platform.

"I remember freaking out when I hit 300 subscribers 11 years ago," the star wrote on social media, with his fans taking to the comments to congratulate him on the feat.

"3.5% of the world's population is subscribed to you, and this doesn't include your other accounts," one fan wrote.

Jimmy Donaldson, better known as MrBeast, reached the milestone earlier this week, skyrocketing past T-Series to become the most-subscribed channel on the site. Known mainly for his videos taking on massive tasks such as a real-life version of the popular Netflix series Squid Game, and his videos where he attempts to do things such as building houses for the homeless in impoverished countries, Donaldson's subscriber count is only going higher every day, and will likely hit another milestone sooner rather than later.

Squid Game will soon return for a second season.

Donaldson recently expressed his desire to run for president, albeit only if the minimum running age is reduced so that he can run now. Writing about what he'd do as president on his official X (formerly Twitter) page, Donaldson said that:

"If I were president I wouldn't care about party lines, I'd just always truly make the American people my #1 priority. For problems I'm ignorant in I'd have experts from the left and right advise me on them and try to find the middle ground that's best for America. Wouldn't be buyable, don't care about doing things just because my party says I should, and I would focus on uniting the country instead of dividing it. Anyways we can pick this up in 15 years when I'm old enough to run haha."

Featured Image Credit: MrBeast via YouTube

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