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Microsoft explain why there won't be an Xbox Series X Pro

Microsoft explain why there won't be an Xbox Series X Pro

Microsoft has reportedly explained why it won't be releasing an Xbox Series X Pro.

It’s pretty much a given that tech giants will release multiple consoles for each generation, so could we expect an Xbox Series X Pro?

Whether it’s Microsoft, Sony or Nintendo, the potential of having an improved version of a console for each generation is very likely. For example, we have seen at least two PlayStation consoles in a generation since the revised PSOne in 2000, which is why many expect to see a PS5 Pro sooner, rather than later.

Following the launch of the Xbox 360, Microsoft has also released redesigned, often smaller consoles. The most recent console from Microsoft is the black Xbox Series S offering double the storage space over its predecessor. As for Nintendo, in October 2021, it released the Nintendo Switch OLED model.

So seeing as we’re getting the new and improved Xbox Series S later this year, surely the Series X will also be getting something similar, right? Well, it doesn't seem likely. At least for the immediate future.

During a recent episode of the Digital Foundry Direct Weekly show, John Linneman explained that he was reportedly informed by Microsoft that the Xbox Series X is its mid-gen refresh. Basically, the Series X is the Pro console.

Linneman said that Microsoft considered the Series S as the standard next-gen console, but jumped the queue and released the Series X early, instead of waiting two or three years. While we should not take this information as 100% fact, the guys at Digital Foundry know their stuff and are very well-informed, so I do trust their word.

Whether Microsoft still decides to release a new Xbox around the time that Sony might launch a PlayStation 5 Pro, remains to be seen. I guess, only time will tell.

In related console news, Microsoft has finally decided to stop developing exclusive games for the Xbox One. Goodbye old friend, you have served us well.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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