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Mass Effect trilogy has a heartbreaking secret story that you might've missed

Mass Effect trilogy has a heartbreaking secret story that you might've missed

Love really does hurt

The Mass Effect series is no stranger to some masterful storytelling but in such a detailed world, it is easy to miss some content that is guaranteed to break your heart.

First launching in 2007 with Mass Effect before being followed up by three more major titles, the Mass Effect series by BioWare has made a name for itself as one of the best sci-fi RPGs of all time.

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Following the story of Commander Shepard and their chosen teams, they must protect humanity from its greatest threat yet. Sounds pretty simple, huh? However, the story is far from it and introduces you to diverse characters, intriguing storylines and epic gameplay despite its age.

With so much to explore in the galactic RPG, it is easy to miss some content and that can be seen with the story of Charr and Ereba.

This news comes courtesy of a post found on r/masseffect where the original poster says: “Which "hidden" details of the trilogy were your favorite?

One reply read: “Charr and Ereba. It starts off as an amusing side mission to do in ME2 but when ME3 rolls along…”

The story of Charr and Ereba begins in Mass Effect 2 where Commander Shepard meets an Asari called Ereba who asks for help regarding her Korgan boyfriend, Charr.

If the player chooses to help the pair rekindle their relationship, the loved-up pair can be seen later on in Tuchanka and have plans to move there.

However, the story does not have a happy ending. During the events of Mass Effect 3 when an assault occurs on the Rachni cave, Charr’s body can be discovered. The player is able to retrieve a note from his body which is a poetry recording for none other than Ereba.

The heartbreaking story ends when the player delivers the recording to Ereba back in the Presidium Commons.

Although this story is less than happy, it goes to show the little details that BioWare put into the Mass Effect trilogy over the years and who knows? Maybe there is more to discover.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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