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Mass Effect just confirmed a lie we've all suspected for years

Mass Effect just confirmed a lie we've all suspected for years

They got us again

I recently wrapped up a playthrough of the Mass Effect trilogy and while I adore the series, if I had to pick a gripe, it would most definitely be the speed of traversal.

Shepard is a force to be reckoned with, putting a stop to any foe that stands in his or her way.

No enemy is too great because Shepard is the perfect soldier.

Level-headed, skilled in combat, agile … oh maybe not that last part.

Shepard saunters across the battlefield with the same agency I have trying to get to my door after hearing a knock which is to say not much at all.

I admire Shepard’s nonchalance to the notion of speed.

If you too have always wondered why Shepard feels so slow, there’s actually a very specific reason that I promise will have you screaming, “I knew it,” at this article in roughly 20 seconds.

Mass Effect 5 cannot come soon enough. Take a look at a teaser trailer for the game below.

You may recall that developers on Dragon Age: Inquisition previously revealed that the game’s horses don’t technically have a sprint option.

Instead, devs added wind lines to give the appearance of sprinting.

I bet you can see where I’m heading with this. Mass Effect’s devs utilized the same effect.

Developer John Ebenger took to social media yesterday to write, “Same thing in Mass Effect 1 when you try to run on the Citadel. No change in speed, just in the FOV of the camera to give the illusion you’re moving faster.”

“Can’t remember if that stayed true for 2 & 3 or if load times were better by then,” he added.

Very, very sneaky.

“You guys bamboozled us not once but twice with this,” replied one player.

“Holy s**t. I had a sneaking suspicion this was the case,” another added.

Let’s hope the franchise’s next entry brings us a real spring option lest we end up with eye on our faces for a third time.

Featured Image Credit: BioWare

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