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Marvel teases Spider-Man's death, like we've never seen that before

Marvel teases Spider-Man's death, like we've never seen that before

8 Deaths of Spider-Man?

Marvel Comics is, once again, teasing the death of Spider-Man. In the next arc of Amazing Spider-Man, it seems that death will visit the webhead. Again.

After the brilliant run from the writer Zeb Wells, the comic will be taken over by Joe Kelly and Justina Ireland for an arc called “The 8 Deaths of Spider-Man.”

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The realm of comics is one that constantly plays with the idea of death like it can’t be reversed when sales are down. Gone are the days when death seemingly meant something and your favourite character would disappear for years.

Nowadays, it seems that anyone can die and come back to life without anyone batting an eyelid, we even saw it in Zeb Wells’ time on Amazing Spider-Man when they killed off Ms Marvel, only to have her resurrected not long after.

Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr. are nearing the end of a wonderful run on the series that has shaken up the world of Spidey by having MJ dating someone else, Norman becoming a force for good as the Golf Goblin, and Ben Reilly becoming the villainous Chasm.

So where do you go next? Well, let’s play devil’s advocate, Peter Parker may not actually die in the 10-issue arc due to start in the autumn.

The teaser Marvel Comics put out shows eight headstones with tally marks on them in stark red and black. Perhaps these are eight deaths of people related to Spider-Man in some way.

Of course, Peter Parker has already grieved so much, but it is a good motivator to kick some ass.

It’s likely we’ll see a foe of Spidey targeting the people he cares about, slowly making their way through a list that will see Peter Parker in the firing line. Or else maybe he does die and then three issues later he’s come back from the dead. Who knows anymore?

Featured Image Credit: Marvel comics

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