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Marvel developer calls DCs new game plans a 'nightmare'

Marvel developer calls DCs new game plans a 'nightmare'

A Marvel developer has called DCs new plans to make video games, movies and TV share the same universe as a “nightmare”.

A Marvel developer has called DCs new plans to make video games, movies and TV share the same universe as a “nightmare”.

Recently DC Studios co-head James Gunn revealed plans for the new DC Universe, alongside the announcements of new Batman and Superman movies. What’s more, it was also announced that The Batman starring Robert Pattinson would be part of a trilogy.

A highlight of those plans was the shared DCU across all forms of media. So in essence, if Robert Pattinson was the only Batman in DC movies, that would also be the case in any video game or TV adaptations. Perhaps similar to the likes of the MCU.

On paper and without much thought, the prospect of a shared DCU could be great, however, it wouldn't be without its complications. Such an issue was raised by the senior character artist of the Batman Arkham franchise, Del Walker.

For example, prior to his passing, by Gunn’s apparent logic, if the late, great Kevin Conroy was with us today, he wouldn't be the voice of Batman in video games or any animated adaptations. The same could be said for the likes of Mark Hammil’s Joker or Tara Strong’s Harley Quinn.

However, as reported by GamesRadar, standing firmly alongside the thoughts of Del Walker, is Marvel’s Midnight Suns creative director, Jake Solomon.

“This would have been a nightmare for us on Midnight Suns. I understand the desire (I think) but movies and games are so, so different,” tweeted Solomon. “And the pressure this puts on the amazing voice actors in the games space? Different universes. And that’s how they should/will stay.”

While some might be concerned to have a shared DCU across all platforms, especially in a strict sense, some fans might find it comforting that not everything will share the same universe. For example, The Batman starring Robert Pattinson as well as Joker starring Joaquin Phoenix will be their own thing.

What's more, back in November 2022, when a fan expressed concern about all video games and movies sharing the same universe, Gunn simply replied “not all.”

Obviously, we won't know more until the new DC Universe launches in 2025. However, hopefully, it should be an exciting time for fans of the brand.

Featured Image Credit: Marvel/DC

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