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Magic: The Gathering's One Ring card is now worth $1 million

Magic: The Gathering's One Ring card is now worth $1 million

Magic: The Gathering's The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Midddle-Earth's The One Ring card is now worth $1 million.

If you’re wondering what the most valuable Magic: The Gathering card is in existence, you’ve come to the right place, as the fabled The One Ring card is now said to be worth a whopping $1 million. Wow.

It’s been a strange couple of months for Magic: The Gathering news. First, we heard that over $100,000 worth of Magic: The Gathering cards had ended up in landfill. One fan saw the haul while emptying their truck. If you’re wondering, no one was permitted to take the cards from the site so they’re probably out there somewhere, rotting in the ground. More recently, one fan found Pinkerton agents at his door - yes, the same agency from Red Dead Redemption 2 - after he accidentally received an early copy of the latest card set and shared it online ahead of the release date. Let’s get back to that The One Ring card though, which now boasts a mindblowing value.

Allow me to bring you up to speed on the whole debacle. The One Ring card is a part of the The Lord of the Rings: Tales of Middle-Earth crossover set which is set to launch on 23 June. It’s a one-of-the-kind card which, to state the obvious, means that there is indeed only one in existence. The reasoning behind this is that the card is supposed to mimic the One Ring from LOTR.

As reported by TheGamer, collectors have been engaged in pre-release bidding and putting bounties on the card so that whoever is lucky enough to get the card, has a number of lucrative offers on the table. Up to now, the offers ranged between $100,000 and $200,000. NFL player Cassius Marsh Sr. then offered $500,000 plus a flight to California. Now, the value has risen yet again to a dizzying height.

Trading card company Dave & Adam’s have put a bounty down of $1,000,000. Over on Twitter, they wrote, “$1 million bounty. We are officially announcing our $1 million bounty on the 1/1 The One Ring card. Bounty expires 17 July 2023. Good luck.” If you’re wondering why there’s an expiration date, they’ll be trying to pressure whoever pulls the card to take them up on the offer. With the Tales of Middle-Earth set due to release very soon, we’ll be keeping an eye on this whole situation.

Featured Image Credit: Wizards of the Coast, New Line Cinema

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