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Magic The Gathering publisher raids YouTuber's house over leaked cards

Magic The Gathering publisher raids YouTuber's house over leaked cards

Magic: The Gathering publisher Wizards of the Coast sent security agents to one YouTuber's home after they accidentally leaked cards online.

One YouTuber recently found Pinkerton agents outside of his front door, days after they’d supposedly leaked a Magic: The Gathering card online.

Uh oh. That’s certainly not who you’d want to open the door to, not in these circumstances anyway. One streamer, known as Dan ‘Oldschoomtg’ Cannon, found himself in serious trouble after sharing a Magic: The Gathering card online during a stream from a box he’d managed to get his hands on early. Now if you’re not familiar with Pinkerton, they’re a highly prestigious detective agency and security firm. These guys aren’t messing around, so you can see why it would be alarming to have them turn up on your doorstep.

As reported by Kotaku, Cannon claims that he was shooting new video content when the Pinkerton agents arrived at his home. His dog began barking as the YouTuber’s wife opened the door. “[Pinkerton agents] came knocking on the door to ‘recover’ the stolen product for Wizards of the Coast, which was the March of the Machine Aftermath stuff,” he said.

If you’re not in the know, March of the Machine: The Aftermath is an upcoming Magic: The Gathering set that’s due to release on 12 May. The 50-card expansion is a supplement to the main March of the Machine set which was released last week. Cannon claims that he’d intended to purchase the base March of the Machine set. Somehow though, he ended up buying the Aftermath expansion - weeks before it should be available.

Cannon had purchased the pack from a ‘trading card dealer’ who he assumes made the sale accidentally. “What I believe happened is that the names are too similar, March of the Machine and March of the Machine Aftermath, and somebody screwed up and sent the wrong cases,” he said, later adding that the dealer is “more of a Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh! Guy.”

Kotaku reached out to Wizard of the Coast - who created Magic: The Gathering - who confirmed that the agents were sent as “part of their investigation”. I wonder what happened to the seller.

Featured Image Credit: Meme, Ryan Quintal via Unsplash

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