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If you love Elden Ring, you'll love this free Steam download

If you love Elden Ring, you'll love this free Steam download

It's blasphemy to ignore this game

Blasphemous is a truly brilliant 2D MetroidVania that channels the difficulty, lore, and exploration that can usually be found in a FromSoftware title.

Crafted in a gorgeous pixel engine, Blasphemous is stunning to look at, conjuring tiny details in vast landscapes that could jump from the game and into a print to fasten to your wall. The visuals are wonderful, with each character model or scene being pervaded with religious iconography.

Blasphemous is lauded for its looks and its gameplay

If you don’t mind the jump to 2D from the 3D worlds, then Elden Ring fans can find a lot to love here. Each game shares similarities within its religious leanings, but both share a higher level of difficulty. For both adventures, dodging, blocking and parrying are integral to the combat. Not only that, but each game features huge, hulking enemies who can stomp all over you, delivering a killing blow with ease.

Even the exploration in both games complements each other. That idea of not knowing where you’re going or what awaits you around the next corner works in both 2D and 3D. Blasphemous, much like its comparison here, feels so expansive, like there’s always more to discover. There’s always something to see, and more lore to discover, piecing together a world so complex and brooding.

You can grab Blasphemous for a small sum on Steam right now as the game received a sequel in 2023 which was equally as good as its predecessor. It’s a steal for a game that can test your skills and keep you playing for countless hours as you work your way through the brilliantly designed enemies. I should also mention, that the soundtrack is also fantastic and really suits this chaotic world of religion and punishment. It’s great on Steam Deck too, so if you’re looking for something portable, you just can’t go wrong.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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