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Lord of the Rings: Tales of the Shire drops first trailer, is everything we wanted

Lord of the Rings: Tales of the Shire drops first trailer, is everything we wanted

We're ready to start our new life in the Shire now

If you’ve ever wondered what life in the Shire is like – before all the death and mayhem of The Lord of the Rings – an upcoming cosy game is giving you that opportunity.

As the opening line says, this isn’t a story about pain, this is about “new beginnings”.

Tales of the Shire, if you haven’t guessed by now, is a Lord of the Rings inspired life sim that removes the epic battles and bloodshed in favour of growing crops. You might run into some challenges, but there won’t be a fight for Middle-earth on your hands.

Do you fancy starting a new life in Tales of the Shire? Of course you do, we all do.

If you’re looking for awe-inspiring RPG sagas, the seriously underrated Lord of the Rings: The Third Age is the game you want to play.

“It’s Lord of the Rings but nothing bad happens. This freaking RULES!” posted an eager fan, and yes, we agree, this does rule.

Come on now, there’s no way nobody has pictured what life would be like as a Hobbit, peacefully farming and living out your days surrounded by countryside. Arguably, that’s the end goal we’re all working our butts off for.

Well, now you can realise that dream much earlier.

“Dude, Animal Crossing in Middle-earth is something I didn’t know I needed, but now I absolutely do,” said another would-be player. It’s true – we didn’t know how much we needed this game until it appeared online and stole our hearts.

Better still, Tales of the Shire is coming to both PC and consoles, which means you won’t get penalised for favouring certain hardware over others. You want to play on Steam? It’s all good. You prefer your Nintendo Switch? That’s also a-okay.

Right now, we’re struggling to find any downsides to this upcoming cosy experience. All we know is we’re ready to shrink down to size and enjoy the good life.

Tales of the Shire is scheduled to launch later this year.

Featured Image Credit: Privite Division

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