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Lil Nas X Is Now The 'League Of Legends' President, All Hail

Lil Nas X Is Now The 'League Of Legends' President, All Hail

Fair enough.

Lil Nas X is now the president of League of Legends. I hope that's all the detail that you need.

Just joking. The League of Legends World Championship, to be held at the Chase Center in San Francisco on 5 November, will see the rapper perform live, promising the “the biggest, coolest, sexiest Worlds in the history of all Worlds.” You'd be a fool to miss something like this. An outright

Check out the trailer for Arcane, the animated show set in the world of League of Legends that won the Outstanding Animated Program award at the Primetime Emmy Awards, here!

"Finally a proper president, he will finally fix League," said Yaahello on YouTube. "I'm not living for this unless he makes half of the male roster more buff and shirtless," argued killsumoji. "This is a fever dream I did not expect to have with covid," added Cheeky Breeky. Watch

While Worlds less than two months away, the official anthem Star Walkin will be released on 23 September, and then League players are able to snag a new skin for K'Sante co-designed by Lil Nas X between 3 November and 14 November.

Featured Image Credit: League of Legends

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