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‘The Last of Us Part 1’ Player Spots One Of Sequel's Most Hated Characters

‘The Last of Us Part 1’ Player Spots One Of Sequel's Most Hated Characters

It looks like one of The Last of us Part II's most-hated characters could've made their way into Part I.

Happy The Last of Us Part I day to my fellow stans. After receiving rave reviews, Naughty Dog’s new-gen reimagining is finally out. In our review, I wrote that Part I is “a game that is as detailed, thorough, and immersive as is possible.” We sat down with the devs who discussed how they made the hotel basement level even scarier, but there are plenty more secrets to be found in the remake. In fact, fans think they’ve spotted one of Part II’s most hated characters.

Check out the launch trailer for The Last of Us Part I below.

I know what you’re all thinking: Abby. I may be one of a handful of people on the internet to defend the character, but I shall continue to do so valiantly. It’s not Abby. She’s not deserving of your hate, please, give the girl a chance. With that out the way, I’m actually talking about Seth. Yes, the homophobe who asks Ellie and Dina to stop kissing because “there’s children around,” before uttering a slur. Now that’s a character deserving of hate.

Reddit user Antman269 made the discovery when Ellie and Joel arrive at the dam and meet Tommy. It looks as if Seth might be positioned next to Tommy atop the perimeter wall. It’s lore time. The game’s collectible documents inform us that Seth arrived in Jackson from San Francisco, losing his wife and oldest son along the way.

There don’t appear to be any dates to back up this timeline so fans took to the comments to discuss the theory. YeetusTheFeatus69 wrote, “I always thought he arrived maybe a few months to a year before the opening of Part II,” whilst daVibesRgood added, “You’re telling me Seth witnessed Joel brutally murder like 15 hunters at the dam and he still had the nerve to bow up to him at the party in Part II? Lol.” Fair point. It sure does resemble Seth. I’m convinced.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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