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'The Last Of Us' TV Series Gets First Teaser Trailer

'The Last Of Us' TV Series Gets First Teaser Trailer

HBO have released the first teaser trailer for their adaptation of The Last of Us.

Oh man, it’s happening. It’s really happening. HBO have finally released a first look at their upcoming adaptation of The Last of Us and it is utterly glorious. The series wrapped filming just a few months ago and whilst HBO did treat us to a few stills, we’ve all been waiting to truly see Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey in action as Ellie and Joel. Without further ado, that day is finally here.

Check out the first look at HBO’s The Last of Us below. You’re going to need to stick around till the end of the trailer.

Where do we begin? It all starts off rather calmly, with Joel and Ellie walking across a snowy bridge which is interesting seeing as the duo actually spend most of the ‘Winter’ section of the game separated. We then see Joel teaching Ellie how to hold a gun, as well as a flash of him carrying a terrified Sarah during the show’s prologue.

While this is happening, there’s a brief dialogue snippet from one of The Last of Us’ most iconic scenes. The farmhouse argument between Joel and Ellie is hugely memorable and when I logged on to Twitter this morning, most of my feed was remarking just how much Pedro sounds like voice actor Troy Baker.

The snippet ends with a brief flash of a panicked Ellie running away, our first look at Nick Offerman as Bill, plus a glimpse at a pretty gnarly Infected. The Last of Us’ creator Neil Druckmann tweeted, “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” with Troy Baker adding, “Joel and Ellie couldn’t be in better hands.”

Everything we’ve seen so far sure does look promising. The Last of Us is due to premiere in the first half of 2023 and with September’s The Last of Us Day just a few weeks away, we could have a full trailer on the horizon.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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