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'The Last Of Us Part 1' Remake Gets The Trophy We All Wanted

'The Last Of Us Part 1' Remake Gets The Trophy We All Wanted

There's a brand new trophy in The Last of Us Part I and it's so wholesome.

Who’s excited? In case you missed it, The Last of Us Part I has been met with unanimous rave reviews. In our own review, I gave the remake a very respectable nine, writing that “The Last of Us Part I wholly improves on its predecessor, creating a game that is as detailed, thorough, and immersive as is possible.” Naturally, fans are pretty hyped about the critical response, but they’re even more excited for this new trophy.

Check out the launch trailer for The Last of Us Part I below.

You now get a bronze trophy for petting Buckley the dog titled ‘Who’s a Good Boy?’ which is the wholesome news we want to hear. If you’ve forgotten (or plan on playing the game for the first time), Buckley can be found when Joel meets up with Tommy at the dam. For full disclosure, I’m happy to report that on my playthrough, I did pet Buckley and unlocked the trophy. If this trophy ends up having anything less than a 100% achievement rate, I’m going to be very disappointed in you all.

If you’ve played The Last of Us Part II, you may recall that Buckley shows up in that game as well - hanging out in Jackson. What’s very touching is that the dog is actually named after Joel actor Troy Baker’s real-life pet who sadly passed away.

Baker took to Twitter to write, “One of the many reasons Neil [Druckmann] and I are friends. It was a very kind gesture (the naming of the dog) and something he was more than entitled to claim in honour of his own pet who, similar to mine, had died. I didn’t know it stayed in the game until I first played it … and I cried.” You know what to do folks. Pet that dog.

Featured Image Credit: Sony Interactive Entertainment

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