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New Last Of Us game also in development for PS4, says job listing

New Last Of Us game also in development for PS4, says job listing

The new The Last of Us game is in development for the PlayStation 4, according to a job listing.

The upcoming multiplayer game set in the same universe as The Last of Us is coming to PS4, according to a recent job listing.

At the time of writing, the PS4 is blessed with The Last of Us: Remastered and The Last of Us: Part II. The PS5 also benefited from a remake of the original game, The Last of Us: Part I.

Looking ahead, while prospects of a third numbered entry are in the air, we do know for sure that Naughty Dog is currently hard at work on the aforementioned multiplayer spin-off.

Naughty Dog has kept details on the multiplayer game close to its chest. However, details are expected to be revealed at some point this year. It’s also expected that the multiplayer game in question is coming to PS5, perhaps even PC. Some reports even claim that it could be free-to-play.

What’s more, seeing as Naughty Dog hasn't mentioned PlayStation 4 directly in relation to the standalone multiplayer game, some may have assumed that the last-gen version will be left behind.

Well, as reported by, the multiplayer game in question could be also headed to PS4. That’s at least according to a job listing for an ‘Associate Multiplayer Quality Assurance Tester/Development Support’.

“Join us as we bring that same sensibility and passion to our first standalone multiplayer project!” reads the job description from Naughty Dog. Furthermore, detailed amongst the ‘Requirements & Skills’ section states “working knowledge of PS4 and PS5 systems”.

It’s worth keeping in mind that this job listing is by no means confirmation that the standalone multiplayer game is coming to PS4, but it's easy to see why two and two are being put together.

That being said, hopefully, this might mean that The Last of Us multiplayer game will be cross-platform for PS5 and PS4 at least. I guess we’ll find out more later in the year.

Featured Image Credit: Naughty Dog

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