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The Last Of Us fans stunned by 'perfect' first episode

The Last Of Us fans stunned by 'perfect' first episode

HBO's The Last of Us series has officially premiered and fans are loving the 'perfect' first episode.

It’s finally here. The first episode of HBO’s The Last of Us series has officially premiered and after last week’s intense media hype, fans can now check out the episode for themselves. If you’re yet to see it, you’re in for a treat - take my word.

Critics have deemed The Last of Us to be “the greatest video game adaptation ever made,” and even The Last of Us Part II’s director said the show may be better than the game. In my own review, I said that “HBO’s take on the game elevates the story to soaring new heights,” but now fans can finally make up their own minds and after last night’s premiere, many are hailing the ‘perfect’ episode. See? We did tell you it was good.

Yet to dive in? Check out the trailer below.

Fans are finally having their say, and HBO will undoubtedly be breathing a sigh of relief. Over on IMDB, The Last of Us’ first episode, ‘When You’re Lost In The Darkness,’ currently has an impressive rating of 9.5, based on over 5,000 votes. On Rotten Tomatoes, the average audience score is sitting at 96%, just behind critics’ 99% score. In other words, everyone is in love with the show. My heart is indeed happy.

One Rotten Tomatoes user wrote, “Great adaptation of the game and very close to it. Absolutely phenomenal!! As a fan of the game, this couldn't be better. Visuals, set, casting, performances and pacing are all great.” Another added, “This feels like a generational TV show like The Sopranos, Breaking Bad or Game of Thrones.” One user said that “the first episode is like an extended cut of the game. If you are like me and you've played the game multiple times and can't get enough of the story, this show acts like a new expansion.”

Another fan said, “Breathtaking!!! I felt like I was playing the game all over again for the very first time.” You get the idea. If you’re yet to dive into the first episode, I hope it’s because you’ve got a big watch party planned today. This is not one to miss.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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