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‘PUBG’ Developer Krafton Reportedly Sent A Private Eye To Leaker’s House

‘PUBG’ Developer Krafton Reportedly Sent A Private Eye To Leaker’s House

According to PlayerIGN, Krafton want the dataminer to take down all leaks in addition to handing over DMs outing his sources.

You wouldn’t really want a private investigator turning up on your doorstep, would you? Reputed PUBG: Battlegrounds dataminer and leaker PlayerIGN is reporting that’s exactly what developer Krafton has sent to his home.

PlayerIGN has been prolifically leaking PUBG: Battlegrounds news for quite some time now. Last year, the user correctly stated that PUBG: Battlegrounds would be going free-to-play ahead of the official confirmation. They’ve also dropped teases on a possible PUBG 2 which is yet to come to light, but Krafton are determined to put a stop to the leaks.

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PlayerIGN took to Twitter (via TwitLonger) to let his followers know about the nasty surprise. The user wrote, “PUBG showed up at my door [...] A private investigator was just outside my house, just now, handing me a letter [regarding] Krafton having me take down all my social media posts of leaks, provide a full accounting of how much revenue I made, and provide all DMs of how I got said info.”

As is the case with most leakers, PlayerIGN has retained anonymity online so Krafton must mean business if they truly have tracked the user down.

PlayerIGN went on to offer some thoughts on the letter. He said, “For context, here are my current thoughts. The leaks I get aren't me actively seeking out their people/systems for info, but mostly vice versa. The datamines I get of their skins are from a website that gets updated early right before Test Server goes up. It's html. I right-click [and] save the images.”

Since the post, PlayerIGN hasn’t tweeted. His previous TwitLonger ended with “I don't really know what to do right now. I just want to get some help before I make moves,” so it’s safe to assume the user may be seeking legal advice. Krafton has not publicly acknowledged the alleged incident.

Featured Image Credit: Krafton, 20th Television

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