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Konami's Tokyo Game Show Reveal Could Be A Beloved Retro RPG

Konami's Tokyo Game Show Reveal Could Be A Beloved Retro RPG

Fans are convinced that a Silent Hill reboot is on the way, but Konami could instead be unveiling a reboot of a classic RPG.

The Tokyo Games Show kicks off in just a few weeks, running from 15 to 18 September. Ever since Konami announced that they’d be unveiling the return of a “world-loved series,” fans have been theorising about what that could possibly be. Several recent leaks seem to indicate that a Silent Hill reboot is in the pipeline, including new images from Bloober Team that have hit the Internet today, prompting many to believe it could be that. But, this latest hint suggests that the TGS announcement could in fact be linked to one of Konami’s beloved retro RPGs.

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As reported by Eurogamer, Reddit user RedditFaralai noticed that Konami had recently renewed the trademark for Suikoden. The filing was completed on 28 July, 2022. The last mainline Suikoden entry was released on the PlayStation 2 back in 2006, so it’s certainly a franchise that qualifies for a reboot or remaster.

Suikoden V’s sales were slightly underwhelming compared to its predecessors, which could explain the series’ sudden retirement. In its first year, the game sold just 194,780 copies in Japan. The franchise switched from a 2D pixel-art look to 3D graphics at the onset of the PlayStation 2 era, so it would be interesting to see which art style Konami would use for a potential reboot.

Fans reacted to the news. PonchoHobo wrote, “The Suikoden series deserves more success than it got,” while Bulky-Yam4206 added, “I’d buy it day one. Kept my PS1 copies of all of [the Suikoden games] just because I love them so much.” Well, it’s not long until Konami reveals all.

Featured Image Credit: Konami

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