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Jordan Pickford had his gaming rig shipped to Qatar to get 'the best frames'

Jordan Pickford had his gaming rig shipped to Qatar to get 'the best frames'

England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford has taken his gaming set-up to the World Cup with him, and has fit in plenty of Fortnite with the lads.

You may have heard about a little ol’ thing called the World Cup which is currently underway in Qatar. It’s been a controversial tournament to say the least, and one full of drama and upsets. After a two day hiatus, the quarter finals officially get underway today and I’ll admit, I’m nervous.

It’s tomorrow that has me sweating. After Morocco and Portugal face off against one another, it’s time for France vs. England. I’ve felt pretty confident about England’s chances up to this point but now, I’m not so sure. I hear you, enough about football though. You’re here for gaming news. Well, we now know England goalkeeper Jordan Pickford actually shipped his gaming set-up to Qatar for the duration of the tournament.

I hope England are as victorious as Elden Ring was last night when it scooped up the coveted GOTY award. Take a look at some of our favourite Elden Ring wins and fails below.

What does Pickford enjoy playing, I hear you ask? Fortnite is the answer. During a recent episode of Lions’ Den which takes fans inside the England camp, Pickford opened up to host Josh Denzel about how he’d brought his gaming set-up out to the England base camp located at the Souq Al Wakra Hotel. On recovery days, Pickford noted that he’ll “spend some time with the lads .. Fortnite. We’re on the Fortnite vibe.”

“I’m not messing about,” he further explained, as a video flashed up showing him wheeling the gear into camp. “We’ve got a PC set-up at home, and I’ve always had a laptop when I come away, but it was winding me up every time - coming away, having a small screen. I’ve got a guy who built a screen for a high-quality laptop that connects together. I’m just trying to get the best frames, get the upper hand.” That is dedication and you know what, I respect it. I hope those quick Fortnite reflexes translate into stopping Mbappé from scoring this weekend.

Featured Image Credit: Lions' Den via YouTube

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