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Indiefoxx claims she was blackmailed with explicit deepfake nudes

Indiefoxx claims she was blackmailed with explicit deepfake nudes

Twitch streamer Indiefoxx claims someone used explicit deepfake nudes to blackmail her for money.

Twitch and Only Fans star Indiefoxx has claimed that she was recently blackmailed with deepfake nudes of her, with someone threatening to leak the explicit AI-generated photos.

As reported by Dexerto, Indiefoxx recently returned to Twitch following a two-year ban. In case you missed it, the streamer - real name Jenelle Dagres - was previously banned due to a wardrobe malfunction. It was during an ASMR stream that the unfortunate incident took place. Indiefoxx later stated that, seeing as she was wearing yoga pants, if she was dismissed for such an accidental malfunction in any other job profession, HR would get involved to put a stop to the over-the-top response. Twitch responded with a full ban though.

With regards to the recent blackmail, Indiefoxx took to Twitter to explain the situation. She tweeted, “So today, someone tried to blackmail me for money, threatening to leak AI generated nudes of me. Seriously.” She later added, “I’m not kidding sadly.” The streamer didn’t delve into further info so we don’t know if the issue was rectified.

Streamer Pokimane was recently targeted by a similar scan. Someone pretending to be a lingerie company attempted to get explicit photos of the streamer under the guise of working with her on a collection as an influencer.

Deepfake content in general has caused several issues in the streaming community in recent months. In January, male streamer Atrioc came under fire for viewing explicit deepfake porn featuring fellow streamers. Sweet Anita, Pokimane, and QTCinderella were all included in the deepfake footage prompting understandably devastated reactions from all three.

Atrioc later released a statement, saying, “I want to specifically apologise to Maya and Pokimane. You were both in the screenshot that spread around the internet. Your names were dragged into it and you were sexualised against your will. You have both succeeded in this industry in spite of all the blatant unfounded sexist attempts to hurt or assassinate your character in a male dominated space. And now I'm another guy on that long list.”

Featured Image Credit: IndieFoxx via Twitch

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