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Huge Nerf Gjallarhorn Launcher From Destiny Reloads Like The In-Game Weapon

Huge Nerf Gjallarhorn Launcher From Destiny Reloads Like The In-Game Weapon

It's Nerf or total obliteration.

Hands up if you’ve ever been shot in the nards by a sibling or friend with a nerf gun. Most of us? Yeah. Those little blue and orange buggers hurt. Now imagine being absolutely obliterated by three of the biggest darts Nerf make coming at you at mach speed. Yeah. 

The absolute madlads at Bungie and Nerf will be releasing a $185 Gjallarhorn launcher (from the Destiny games) that comes in a 40” case - that’s just over three feet high - and can be reloaded just like the weapon in-game. Pre-orders are going live next week so, if you’re in the market for some full scale sibling warfare, get your wallets ready.

Why not rest your bones a second and watch the trailer for Destiny 2: The Witch Queen while you're here?

The Gjallarhorn launcher itself is synonymous with the Destiny franchise. The legendary gun is beloved by fans for its outrageously beautiful and unique design almost as much as for its ridiculous firepower.

If you’re in any way interested in the design process behind the collaboration, Bungie has a blog post that goes into great detail on the subject which you can check out right about here. In short, Gjallarhorn will fire three of the MEGA darts at once to vaporise your foes. Indeed, product engineer at Nerf (jeez what a cool job) Justin Saccone says, “with that shell, we're shooting three of those MEGA darts at once, which gives that visual sense of the Wolfpack Rounds swirling and flying through the air towards your target.” Yeouch.

Nerf and Bungie Gjallarhorn Blaster /
Nerf, Bungie

So, about that reload. As noted by PC Gamer, Saccone explains how they wanted to nail the feeling of reloading the launcher as you would in-game. “We looked at all the reloading animations, and how these function in the game," he said. "We wanted to integrate how it reloads in the game so the entire top housing of the Blaster itself shifts forward, it opens the loading bay just like it does in the game, you pop the shell in just like the animation, and then you pull it back and you're ready to blast off a burst of three MEGA darts, which is super awesome.”

As mentioned, those pre-orders are going live next week but you’ll have to do one or two tasks in order to be eligible for a pre-order, including completing a specific quest in Destiny 2, so be aware of that. You can check out the hoops you have to jump through on that Bungie blog post.

Featured Image Credit: Nerf, Bungie

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