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‘House Of The Dragon’ Has Officially Been Renewed For Second Season

‘House Of The Dragon’ Has Officially Been Renewed For Second Season

After airing just a single episode, HBO have decided to renew House Of The Dragon.

This is shaping up to be a glorious week for Game of Thrones fans. We were all a little dubious about House Of The Dragon, given the controversial nature of Thrones’ final season. Personally, I don’t hate it as much as some but I digress. The point is, House Of The Dragon had some convincing to do but those early critics reviews were right. This week’s opening episode blew fans away and now HBO has given a major update.

Check out the trailer for House Of The Dragon below.

Thanks to the early success of the first season, HBO has officially announced that House Of The Dragon has been renewed for a second series. Taking to Twitter to announce the news, the show’s official account wrote, “Fire reigns. #HouseoftheDragon has been renewed for Season Two.”

This shouldn’t come as a major surprise. Given the scale of the series, House Of The Dragon was clearly counting on emulating Game Of Thrones’ success and their plan is working. The House Of The Dragon premiere was watched by a whopping 10 million viewers, making it HBO’s most-watched series premiere of all time.

Just like back in Thrones’ glory days, the episode got almost the entirety of Twitter talking, especially about that birth scene which, according to actor Paddy Considine, was even more “tough” and “brutal” to film. We’re now just days away from episode two and I cannot wait to see what’s next in store.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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