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Horizon Zero Dawn fans should check out this free Steam download

Horizon Zero Dawn fans should check out this free Steam download

Tomb raiding time

Tomb Raider is a massive franchise that has seen so many iterations over the years. Most recently the series was rebooted into a more gritty version with Lara Croft going through more dramatic and traumatic scenes, leaning more into action-packed moments as a side adventure to the relic hunting.

Suppose you’re a fan of games like Horizon Zero Dawn and have never tried the Tomb Raider games. In that case, you can currently try Shadow of the Tomb Raider for free on Steam and you’ll see a few similarities here and there, mostly in the exploration and the stealthier moments from each game.

Tomb Raider Remastered is coming soon and will be a great intro to the series

Horizon Zero Dawn takes place in a much more colourful world that doesn’t wearily break down our heroine, Shadow of the Tomb Raider takes a more mature view and brings Lara to a bleak world. One filled with masochistic enemies, traps that mean life or death, and an often dark environment. Both games have you fighting for good and preserving the beauty of life while wanting to continually search out the mysteries of their worlds.

Lara Croft is a very different hero from Aloy, but this mostly comes down to how they react to situations. Lara often mirrors her enemies, becoming more brutal and dangerous. The rebooted trilogy challenges the history of the franchise which was, at one time, more about exploring and puzzling out the environments.

If you download this Steam demo and enjoy it, you’ll be pleased to know there are two other games before this one and they’re usually found for great prices during the sales. You could also find a way into the original games which are still great fun and are soon to be released in remastered versions, upgrading the graphics which will help make the classic trilogy a more modern adventure.

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