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Hogwarts Legacy players feel bad for bullying the game's eyeball chests

Hogwarts Legacy players feel bad for bullying the game's eyeball chests

Hogwarts Legacy players feel bad for bullying the game's eyeball chests. Well, most of them.

If you’re a PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S or PC player, I’m imagining that you’ve seen all that Hogwarts Legacy has to offer. The game only recently launched on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One though, so a whole new bunch of students are currently discovering the game’s delights and shortcomings.

Hogwarts Legacy is a major commercial success, earning a whopping $1 billion so far - and surpassing several Harry Potter films. Some fans have called Hogwarts their favourite gaming location ever but elsewhere, the annoying (and time consuming) Merlin Trials have left many players feeling frustrated. Fans are in agreement that the PlayStation-exclusive quest is one of the best in the game, but don’t worry the rest of you. It should, in theory, become available for everyone in February 2024. Today though, players have gathered to share their guilt over bullying the game’s eyeball chests.

Enjoy a tour of the four house common rooms below.

Throughout Hogwarts Legacy you’ll stumble across eyeball chests that essentially stare at you and lock, prohibiting you from opening them. For hours on end, I thought the game would eventually teach me how to open these. That was until I stumbled across a helpful Redditor sharing the tip that you simply use the disillusionment charm to turn invisible and sneak up said chests. You’ll then catch them off guard, allowing you to open the chest to obtain the loot inside.

Reddit user MyrrhMom has written though, “I kinda feel bad. Anyone else feel kinda bad after using disillusionment and opening the eyeball chests? They always look so scared and it sounds almost like they whimper?” Is it bad if I say no? Give me those 500 coins. Plenty of players did feel bad though.

Skyline412drones said, “The best part is when you reappear just as the chest opens … they look up at you and they know. So good,” while rach1874 said, “[The whimper] hurts my heart because it’s almost like a puppy cry.” Glaurung26 joked, “I’m so sorry…reaching for the underleveled scarf I’m going to sell in 15 minutes. It’ll be okay boy, it’s all over now.”

Reading these comments has taught me that there are two kinds of people. The “I take the spell off after they look around so they know who got them in the end” kind, and the “Yes, I feel like I’m hurting a puppy” kind.

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