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Hogwarts Legacy new content confirmed to drop next week

Hogwarts Legacy new content confirmed to drop next week

New Hogwarts Legacy content confirmed to be dropping next week, but it's not what fans had in mind.

This is welcomed news. To celebrate the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launch of Hogwarts Legacy next week, developers have revealed that some brand new content is on the way - although it’s not exactly what fans might be expecting.

Hogwarts Legacy has been a major commercial success. In fact, despite only releasing on PC and new-gen consoles so far, Hogwarts Legacy has already exceeded expected profits by a whopping 256%. As much as fans have enjoyed the game though, most are agreed that there’s room for improvement - which could result in an epic sequel. The lack of a fully-fledged companion system is a major gripe, plus fans would’ve liked to have been able to play Quidditch (although a newly-announced Quidditch game may explain why they can’t). Others have complained about the underuse of the Black Lake. The new content doesn’t address any of these concerns though. Instead, players are getting a new song.

Enjoy a tour of the four common rooms below.

Yes, a song. The news was revealed over on the Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account. Developers said, “Hear Dune Moss give voice to Isidora’s journey in the new original song, ‘Will I Fly (Isidora’s Song)’ next week.” This may have left you feeling a little disappointed but surprisingly, plenty of players are quite hyped about this.

One Twitter user wrote, “Omg, can’t wait to hear the full song,” while another added, “It sounds incredible.” One player said, “Oh my, I can’t wait to hear the full song,” plus someone commented, “Can’t wait! Too excited.” If you fancy, you can listen to a snippet of the song below.

Unsurprisingly, not everyone was quite so thrilled. “Why are y’all making a song when you should make more content for the game?” asked one player. Perhaps we’ll start to see more regular content drops following the previous-gen launch.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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