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Hogwarts Legacy meets Stardew Valley in beautiful new farming sim

Hogwarts Legacy meets Stardew Valley in beautiful new farming sim

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Coming to Steam, Switch and consoles soon, is a new cosy farming sim game that sees players training to become the best witch they can possibly be. While the game is seemingly a way off still, what we can see from the trailer is a sumptuously beautiful world in which to explore.

Kitori Academy is a place to train as a witch or wizard, an academy where you'll train your magical skills, brew potions and 'catch' spells to "challenge the curse that lurks in the world."

To be honest, we're sold on the idea of having a cat companion who can be personalised. You can even play games with it, waving a laser back and forth in a minigame interaction. That's us sold. Well, there are some other features that look wonderful, including the larger-than-life characters such as the headmaster of the academy who happens to be an 8ft tall frog.

There are materials to harvest, foods to grow, all of which can be used in potion brewing; skills can be earned and crafted into spells; you can create charms or help defend wild creatures with your magic.

There's a great sense of otherworldly life shown via the cast or the world in which you inhabit. It's like a fairy tale spun with the inspirations of recent children's novels or films. Kitori Academy is bursting with personality and buckets of charm.

As someone who dips in and out of these cosy sims, recent years have seemed overwhelming with the number of new games releasing, but I will absolutely have to play this one. The bright and bold colours, the visual design that seems to borrow from Disney's Dreamlight Valley and the look of the minigames, it's going to be a 'must play' that you can wishlist on Steam right now.

Featured Image Credit: Cubenary

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