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Hogwarts Legacy players freaked out by hidden room with a seriously twisted secret

Hogwarts Legacy players freaked out by hidden room with a seriously twisted secret

Have you stumbled across this spooky abode?

Hogwarts Legacy’s open world lays some solid foundations, but so too does it have a few pitfalls.

Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry itself is exquisitely detailed, as is Hogsmeade village.

The map’s remaining hamlets, caves, and ruins though are all rather copy and paste.

There are glimmers of brilliance. The Forbidden Forest is a standout area, nailing the spooky atmosphere, whilst featuring its fair share of Easter eggs and secrets.

In fact, Hogwarts Legacy’s Easter eggs redeem its map where, in some areas, it feels a tad repetitive and mundane.

From nods to the iconic Harry Potter film series to mysterious Azkaban inhabitants, there’s plenty to see.

One player recently stumbled across an interesting discovery that I can’t say for sure whether I’ve seen.

This discovery concerns two houses, the first of which is located northwest of Keenbridge, which leads me to believe that most of us probably have walked past it.

The second is located in upper Hogsfield.

The question is: did you approach either property for a closer inspection? If you did, you may have unearthed a rather grisly scene.

Enjoy a tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

“These two houses give me the spooks,” Reddit user Bubblebubbleitsme wrote.

“The first house is somewhere northwest of Keenbridge. It looks lit from the outside but once you go inside, the house is abandoned. No lights are on and everything is covered in snow even though the house has a roof. On the top floor, you can find two children playing gobstones in the middle of the night, unbothered! Next to them there are some cages as well.”

“The second house (more like a storage room, it only has a desk I think) is located near upper Hogsfield (if I remember correctly). This one has a whole coffin-like case that reminds me of the Night mother’s casket from Skyrim,” they continued.

Well, that’s certainly very creepy.

Unfortunately, there’s no definitive answer as to why these particular abodes are so unsettling.

The working theory is that they’re likely inhabited by Ashwinders or Poachers.

As for why the two children are so unbothered by their grisly surroundings, I dread to think. Are they ghosts? Are they under a spell?

Keep your wits about you if you’re travelling off the beaten path, that’s all I’ll say.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros Interactive Entertainment

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