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Hogwarts Legacy free download available now, last chance to claim

Hogwarts Legacy free download available now, last chance to claim

Hogwarts Legacy players have one last chance to claim some free cosmetic items to use in-game.

Everyone likes free stuff, but if you’re a Hogwarts Legacy fan, you’ll have to act fast to get in on this offer that many missed out on when the game first launched.

Back in February, Hogwarts Legacy released solely on new-gen consoles and PC - everyone on PS4 and Xbox One had to wait several more months before they could dive into the Wizarding World RPG. Earlier this month though, those previous-gen ports finally arrived, and many were pleasantly surprised about how well the game runs on older hardware. You can’t fault the devs for the amount of effort that went into its optimisation.

Take a look around Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy below.

Anyway, if you’ve only recently picked up Hogwarts Legacy, there’s a very good chance that you didn’t manage to grab the Merlin’s Cloak cosmetic item, which was first distributed back when the game originally came out. It’s been confirmed that a DLC event stream will be running one last time on 1 June, allowing players to claim the cloak (as well as a Professor Ronen Cosmetic Set) just by tuning into a Twitch livestream.

All players need to do is link their Warner Bros. Games account to their Twitch account, and watch Avalanche Software's Legacy Live! stream on 5PM (UK time) on 1 June. You’ll also need to make sure that you have Twitch Drops enabled, and then keep watching for around 30 minutes per reward (you’ll need to set some serious time aside for the Ronen cosmetics, as there are six to unlock). After that, you should be able to claim the rewards from your Twitch inventory, and then find them in-game.

If you’re busy on the day of that stream, you can claim the Professor Ronen cosmetic rewards by tuning into streamers playing the game at any time before 1 June, too (so long as they have Drops enabled on their stream). Merlin’s Cloak can only be obtained by watching Legacy Live!, however.

It’s not known if any of these rewards will be brought back in future events - you’d think that the devs might run them one last time for Nintendo Switch players when the game finally launches in November, but since it's actually possible to earn the rewards without owning the game (they’ll just stay linked to your account), this might be your final chance. Don’t miss it.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros. Games

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