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Hogwarts Legacy fans 'heartbroken' after making a tragic discovery

Hogwarts Legacy fans 'heartbroken' after making a tragic discovery

The Plight of the House Elf is easily the most heartbreaking quest in Hogwarts Legacy, as one fan has just discovered.

One Hogwarts Legacy player has just stumbled across a heartbreaking discovery that I can guarantee also brought a tear to your eye. Yes, fans are gathering to collectively mourn poor old Tobbs.

It’s been a rollercoaster couple of days for Hogwarts Legacy fans. On Friday, devs finally acknowledged the future of the game, confirming that the Haunted Hogsmeade Shop DLC would be landing on Xbox, PC, and Switch, whilst also teasing new features and updates. I think I speak on behalf of all of us when I say: finally. The only issue is, the aforementioned DLC is landing several months later than expected leading to some disappointment amongst the fandom. That mild disgruntledness though is nothing compared to the experience of completing the The Plight of the House Elf side quest. Almost one year after release, it’s still breaking hearts.

Enjoy a pleasant tour of Hogwarts’ four house common rooms below.

It certainly made me sad when I first stumbled across this tragic questline. Reddit user kryskryskrys just made the discovery, leading to a collective session of mourning from Hogwarts Legacy players. The user wrote, “I am heartbroken. I am on my very first playthrough, and I just found Tobbs. I just sat stunned staring at the screen. Wtf. Not only did I go through all of that for him to be dead, but I can't even take his body out? What is this bulls**t? If I wanted to be sad I'd play Edith Finch or Gone Home.”

“Honestly, seeing Tobbs’ body lying there, and then reading the last note he wrote … I don't know, I feel like that death was even sadder than Dobby's death,” commented INKatana, while mirza_osz added, “Yeah. I think at least we should have been able to bury him, or take him home or something, making it a little bit better not just leaving him there alone.” User quietone888 said, “It was a very upsetting storyline, not being able to lay him to rest and then having to deliver the news back was awfully sad. Every time I see leeches while I'm out exploring, my mind goes back to the quest.”

If you hadn’t gathered, poor Tobbs the house elf doesn’t survive the quest. You’re informed that Tobbs’ cruel master has sent him on an errand into a cave plagued by giant spiders. After fighting off several of the terrifying arachnids, you stumble across Tobbs’ body. It’s a testament to just how emotionally affecting this quest is that it’s still causing upset almost one year on.

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