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Hogwarts Legacy free DLC quest officially confirmed to arrive 'very soon'

Hogwarts Legacy free DLC quest officially confirmed to arrive 'very soon'

Some Hogwarts Legacy DLC is on the way

Hogwarts Legacy fans have been patiently waiting for new content to drop and extend their stay in the world of Harry Potter.

It seems now, after a tweet was spotted discussing a new upcoming quest, that the wait is finally over and fans will have something new to experience soon.

Hogwarts Legacy has been very popular with Harry Potter fans but they're crying out for more quests.

The quest that will soon be available for everyone is a quest that was once exclusive to PlayStation players, called The Haunted Hogsmeade Shop. It appears this has been teased by the official Twitter account along with a cryptic announcement about a summer update.

Of course, players are excited to finally get their hands on the previously exclusive questline that apparently spooked a lot of Hogwarts Legacy players due to its ‘haunted’ status, but there’s a growing excitement for more on this summer update.

While details are extremely thin on the ground, this update could mean more DLC for witches and wizards to enjoy.

According to a follow up tweet, more will be announced on the game’s social media this week, which could occur during the PlayStation showcase on 30 May, or might well be a separate announcement at a later date.

More content has been absent from Hogwarts Legacy - if you don’t include the community modding it on PC - and many have been waiting with bated breath for some official DLC plans to expand the game.

Given the wealth of material available via books, films, and side projects, it would be surprising if the developers didn’t have something up their sleeves, and Haunted Hogsmeade may just be the start.

Over on Reddit, after news emerged, one player couldn’t contain their excitement saying, “Will they just hurry up. Our fandom is starving.” Don’t worry Reddit, hopefully you’ll have news soon and you can venture back to the castle and its lessons.

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