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‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Has Been Delayed, New Release Date Confirmed

‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Has Been Delayed, New Release Date Confirmed

A new release date has been confirmed for Hogwarts Legacy, which will now be missing its Holiday 2022 release.

The upcoming open-world wizarding world title (that's a mouthful), Hogwarts Legacy, which was originally set to release later this year, has officially been delayed, the devs have confirmed. However, we do now have a specific release date, rather than a vague release window, which may provide some comfort to fans.

Take a look at some gameplay footage for Hogwarts Legacy below.

The news was confirmed over on the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account: “Hogwarts Legacy will launch on February 10, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, and PC. The Nintendo Switch launch date will be revealed soon,” the tweet reads. “The team is excited for you to play, but we need a little more time to deliver the best possible game experience.”

Chances are, the original “Holiday 2022” release window would have seen the game come out sometime around November or December, so it’s not been pushed back too far from then. How far behind the Nintendo Switch version will be remains to be seen, but when the PS5’s DualSense controller is set to light up to match your house colours, who’s going to be playing it anywhere but there anyway? (Kidding.)

Earlier this week, one Reddit user made a discovery within one piece of the game’s concept art which seems to indicate that we might be able to explore the Black Lake in the game, either by swimming or using boats. At the moment, this is unconfirmed, but there’s no doubt that fans would love to see it happen.

Featured Image Credit: Avalanche Software, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

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