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Hogwarts Legacy console players are already playing the game

Hogwarts Legacy console players are already playing the game

And some might be waiting even longer to enrol in the magical school.

A handful of Hogwarts Legacy players are able to enrol themselves in the magical school and hurtle through its story ahead of others, thanks to the world's shipping routes.

What I mean is that those who have ordered a physical copy of Hogwarts Legacy for their PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X have received their games before the official release of the RPG next week. You'll remember that this happened with Final Fantasy VII though that was due to the upheaval caused by the coronavirus crisis, and as there's no way to prevent people from opening their games, players are already sinking hours into the sprawling game. And it is sprawling, when you consider the scale of the map and the number of side quests that will affect the ultimate ending of the story.

Check out the cinematic trailer for Hogwarts Legacy here!

Taking to the Hogwarts Legacy subreddit, the two camps of PC and console players have poked fun at their different situations:

"Try waiting til April 4th," said one, referring to the staggered release of Hogwarts Legacy across platforms. Those wanting to play on their Switch will only get the game in July, a full five months after the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X players have been strolling the halls of Hogwarts.

In spite of the hype, there is a proportion of Harry Potter fans who say that supporting the game is an implicit approval of author J. K. Rowling's controversial stance on transgender people. Rowling has ridiculed the term "people who menstruate" preferring to use the word "women" to describe that group, expressed continual concerns over "new trans activism" and that it endangers children, compared hormone therapy to antidepressants and a last resort for those suffering gender dysphoria, and said that purchasing products from her intellectual properties is in agreement with her rhetoric.

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