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Hogwarts Legacy 2 should have a very different open world, fans agree

Hogwarts Legacy 2 should have a very different open world, fans agree

A different kind of magic

Hogwarts Legacy has made so much money that if you piled it all up you could probably climb it all the way to the moon. Okay, maybe not that much money, but it's certainly done alright for itself.

At last count Hogwarts Legacy has generated well over $1 billion, and there's still the Nintendo Switch release to go later this year.

Given the game's huge success, we've already had confirmation that developer Avalanche Software is working on its next project, although we don’t necessarily know if this is Hogwarts Legacy 2. It probably is, though.

Take a look at one of Hogwarts Legacy's many strange moments below:

While we wait for Hogwarts Legacy, fans are already keen to share their ideas for a sequel. Romance options, for one thing, are something folk seem keen to see. Let's just hope we're not still playing as students in that case.

Over on Reddit, user Auramil suggested that Hogwarts Legacy 2's open world needs to be far immersive.

“One of my slight issues with the game is it never really feels like we're a Hogwarts student after the first chapter," they wrote. "When we learn a new spell, we get an owl saying, ‘You have to go do … and then go to class.’ What if they took a more Professor Ronin approach?"

“To teach us Accio, he had us do a mini game that gets used in multiple missions afterwards,” they continued. “It was a nice practical way to use the spell and it really endeared me to him. What if instead of giving us a list of things to do, the teachers would actually take us to different locations/dungeons in relation to the subjects they teach for our extra lessons and then we return to class to learn the new spell? Another thing, instead of meeting another student for a quest at Hogsmeade or just somewhere on the castle grounds, why don't we discuss plans in class together while practicing a spell, brewing a potion, or grooming a beast? This would greatly help with the immersion and the feeling that we're a student at Hogwarts.”

The post earned a fair bit of agreement between fans. Against-The-Current wrote: “It doesn't really feel like I'm a student at Hogwarts. It feels like I'm becoming the dark lord. You're not immersed in the school, you're given a heavily detailed tour of it."

Meanwhile, Salopian_Abroad added: “I feel like they could very easily have a system like Rockstar's Bully classroom system. Mini games of classes progressively getting harder and on a schedule. I loved the game still, but hope for this in the future.”

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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