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Hogwarts Legacy 2: developer's next game spotted in job listing

Hogwarts Legacy 2: developer's next game spotted in job listing

Hogwarts Legacy 2: Cool For School

A sequel to 2023's Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy may have been confirmed early via a job listing, in what can only be described as the least surprising news of all time.

It's no secret that Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most popular games of the year so far, and has made approximately a bajillion dollars for Warner Bros. While fans agree it's certainly far from a perfect game, they're already thinking about the potential an even bigger open world sequel, designed exclusively for new-gen consoles, has.

Take a look at Hogwarts Legacy in action below, as if you haven't already seen it a thousand times:

Given the fat stacks of cash Hogwarts Legacy has already made, most of us assumed a sequel was a foregone conclusion.

It's worth noting, however, that Warner Bros. and developer Avalanche Software haven't actually explicitly confirmed a second Harry Potter RPG. At this stage all we know is that there are "long term plans" for more games, which could pretty much mean anything.

Harry Potter fans hoping for a second game in the world of Hogwarts Legacy need not fret, however: recently discovered job listings on the Warner Bros. website confirm that Avalanche Software is currently staffing up for a "high profile AAA title".

One of the job ads is for an Associate Software Engineer, while the other is for Senior Character Technical Artist. Digging a little further, the listings confirm that the successful candidate will be helping to "create what's next", suggesting this isn't necessarily an expansion for Hogwarts Legacy but something entirely new.

While it's true that the mystery project could be related to another franchise entirely, others have pointed out that the job ad lists experience with Unreal Engine 4 as necessary. Given that this is the same engine that was used to develop Hogwarts Legacy, one could surmise that they're looking to use the same engine to reuse certain elements from their last game - common practice for a direct sequel.

This is merely speculation at this point, naturally, so for now take everything with an extra large pinch of salt until we hear for sure what Avalanche is working on next. If it's not something to do with Harry Potter though? Well, I'll eat my sorting hat.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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