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Here's Every Game Studio Supporting Ukraine With Game Sales

Here's Every Game Studio Supporting Ukraine With Game Sales

A number of different studios have announced their plans to support Ukrainian victims, and you can help, too.

The world is a very uncertain place at the moment, and as we watch events unfold in the ongoing Ukraine crisis, it can be difficult to know what we can do to help, if anything. However, a number of different game dev studios have been speaking out in support of Ukraine, and many have also revealed what they’re doing to directly help the victims. 

One of these is 11 Bit Studios, the team behind the anti-war game This War of Mine. Last week, along with a statement showing their solidarity for the Ukrainian people, they announced that all the profits earned from This War of Mine until 3 March would be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross. 

“As a Polish game studio and creators of the globally recognised anti-war game, This War of Mine - one that directly speaks about the suffering and misery of civilians who are affected by war - we’d like to herby announce our company statement: we stand against the Russian invasion of Ukraine,” they wrote. “For the next seven days, all profits from This War of Mine, all its DLCs, on all stores and all platforms will go to a special fund. A week from now, this money will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross to directly support victims of war in Ukraine.”

They’re not the only studio doing their bit to help though - as reported by GameSpew, here are a number of other teams donating their profits to charity (and therefore, ones you can support yourself to contribute to the cause).

Until 4 March, all profits earned from Beetlewing’s strategy game Slipways will be donated to the Polish Red Cross’ “help Ukraine fund”. As reported by The Gamer, the game storefront GOG will be further supporting this, by donating their share of the profits until 3 March (they are doing the same for This War of Mine, too).

RedDeer.Games are donating all of their March profits from their arcade-puzzle game Cyber Protocol to a foundation to help the people of Ukraine. This charity will be selected together with the players. 

Also until 4 March, State of Play is donating all its earnings from Steam, Google Play and the App Store to the Ukrainian Red Cross. Some of their games include the narrative adventure South of the Circle, and the puzzle adventure Lumino City.

California-based indie team Crytivo are also helping the Ukrainian Red Cross, by donating all the profits earned from their store until the end of March (as well as the end of February). A couple of their titles include the hotel management sim Hotel Magnate, and roguelite space shooter Nova Drift.

Thunderful Games are donating all profits earned from the sales of SteamWorld Heist and Bridge Constructor, on all platforms, until 7 March to the Ukrainian Red Cross.

Indie team Crunching Koalas, whose games include the action survival Darkwood, are donating all their profits from all sales (across all platforms) to the Ukrainian Red Cross until 4 March. Similarly, All In! Games have announced that all profits from Chernobylite and Paradise Lost earned until 4 March will be donated, too.

While buying games from these studios is one way to help, of course you can always directly donate to funds yourself, too - you can donate directly to the British Red Cross’ Ukraine Crisis Appeal here

Featured Image Credit: 11 Bit Studios, All In! Games

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