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HBO's The Last Of Us haters accused of 'missing the point' of the game

HBO's The Last Of Us haters accused of 'missing the point' of the game

The Last of Us fans argue that the show would have been ruined if it had the same amount of combat and violence as the game did.

The Last of Us TV series never misses, does it? Episode after episode it continues to prove itself as arguably the greatest video game adaptation ever, but some fans are concerned that haters may be missing the entire point of it.

Viewers have pointed that there have been some noticeable differences to Joel’s character in the show. Namely, Pedro Pascal’s portrayal is more outwardly emotional, and is also significantly less violent than his video game counterpart. However, as fans on Reddit have pointed out, it really wouldn’t have made much sense for the guy to go around killing people in the show at the same frequency as he did in Part I.

Take a look at the trailer for the next episode of The Last of Us, ‘Left Behind’, below.

Reddit user Mrpoedameron claims that “an astonishing number of people completely missing the point of The Last of Us”, adding that they’ve seen many “complaining that Joel is too weak or there isn't enough action, as if that was the point of the game”.

TLoU TV show is an adaptation of the story of the game. If you want Joel to be more of a 'badass' and you want huge battles with infected, go and play the game,” they wrote. “TV and games are a completely different form of entertainment. Games are active and require participation from the player, and so benefit from constant action and spectacle as well as story. TV shows are passive and whilst action can definitely be fun and exciting, the impact of the ending won't work if the we lose the story and character work for the action. Seeing Joel snap hundreds of necks is not going to add anything to the story.”

Others agree: “Yup... having Joel kill as many people on TV as he did in the game would devolve TLoU into some grindhouse flick, which is not what the narrative is about,” mcfcomics replied. “If you faithfully shot how Joel mauls down a room of enemies in game[,] as TV you get the zombie version of John Wick. Might be cool for one episode but would destroy the whole series,” added NoSand668.

If you're eagerly anticipating the next episode, there's not long to wait. 'Left Behind' airs on Sunday 26 February in the U.S., and Monday 27 February in the UK.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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