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HBO's The Last Of Us latest teaser leaves fans stunned

HBO's The Last Of Us latest teaser leaves fans stunned

The Last of Us releases on HBO next month and to celebrate, brand new character posters have been released.

Today is the first day of December which means I can now officially say that HBO’s The Last of Us series releases next month. You can’t hear me, but I just screamed. In case you missed it, The Last of Us is officially set to debut on 15 January on HBO - or 16 January on Sky Atlantic for my fellow UK folks. Starring Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, the first trailer has already blown fans away with its attention to detail.

It’s thought that the series will run for nine episodes which will air weekly and we should be in for a few surprises. Game actors Ashley Johnson and Troy Baker have been cast in key undisclosed roles, and those are still being kept under wraps. There’s also a brand new character Kathleen. As we near the show’s premiere date, marketing is ramping up and fans have now been treated to a full set of character posters - and they are oh so glorious.

Take a look at the trailer for The Last of Us below.

HBO has released 11 character posters showcasing Joel, Ellie, Marlene, Tommy, Tess, Bill, Frank, Sarah, Riley, Sam, and Henry all in action. Let me tell you, the attention to detail is stunning. Take a look at Joel’s poster and you’ll spot some fungal growth on the wall. The background of Tess’ poster hugely resembles the Boston Capital Building which is a key location for the character in the game.

Marlene looks to be standing in the Salt Lake City Firefly hospital, and Bill’s security measures appear to have been upgraded from the simple tripwire bombs we see in the game. It may be less significant but can we also just appreciate how spot-on Tommy’s jacket is? That’s accuracy right there.

Anyone else get emotional looking at the Sam and Henry posters? I’m not sure I’m ready for those episodes. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Where is David? No actor has seemingly been cast but thanks to the trailer, we know that the show reaches the winter stage of the game. I guess we’ll find out in just a few weeks.

Featured Image Credit: HBO

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