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Harry Potter star returns for new free Wizarding World RPG

Harry Potter star returns for new free Wizarding World RPG

My father will hear of this

A familiar face from the Harry Potter movies has returned to sink their teeth into a hugely popular new Wizarding World RPG.

Harry Potter fans everywhere have, I'm sure, played Avalanche Software and Warner Bros' open-world Hogwarts Legacy to death by now. While there are still plenty of secrets left to uncover, I can imagine that many Potterheads are ready for something a little new.

The good news is that there's a brand-new - and free - Harry Potter RPG that's winning fans over in a big way, and one iconic member of the original movies' cast has given it a ringing endorsement.

Take a look at the new RPG in action below!

Tom Felton, better known to Potter fans as Draco Malfoy, recently took some time to check out the hugely popular Harry Potter: Magic Awakened and channeled his inner Slytherin.

"Naturally, Draco, sorry, we meant Tom, had a few ideas of how to bring a Malfoy edge to his newly-made character," a blog post teases. "And of course it involves a slick, blond hair-do. Take a look."

Set years after the Second Wizarding War documented in Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows, Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is a collectible card roleplay game that invites players to attend Hogwarts. You can go to classes, master spells, play Quidditch, and even challenge mates to duels. There are also plenty of familiar faces. And did I mention it's free?

"I was always going to play this game anyways, but I adore the art style of this game," one fan wrote in praise of the adventure on Reddit.

"I know that WB announced a Harry Potter television series, but instead of live-action, I wish they used a style similar to this (or perhaps the Arcane style on Netflix). I think that would work even better than another live-action rendition."

Felton, of course, also recently got stuck into Hogwarts Legacy as part of a special Slytherin themed event. Clearly Malfoy is a part of him that he'll never quite be able to get away from. I can only assume his father will hear of this.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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