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'Beautiful' free Harry Potter RPG is available to download and play now

'Beautiful' free Harry Potter RPG is available to download and play now


A brand-new Harry Potter RPG is currently winning over fans, and the best part? It's completely free to play.

Harry Potter fans around the world have no doubt sunk hundreds of hours into Avalanche Software and Warner Bros' open-world Hogwarts Legacy at this point. And while there are still no doubt plenty of secrets left to uncover, there are surely more than a few witches and wizards out there looking for a slightly new experience.

That's where Harry Potter: Magic Awakened comes in. This brand-new RPG is completely different from Hogwarts Legacy, giving players a chance to explore a modern-day wizarding world and come face-to-face with plenty of familiar names from the books.

After a successful soft launch last year, the game has finally come to mobile devices via the Apple and Google Play stores. Players can create and customise their own witch or wizard and head to classes. You'll also be able to duel with other players, collect cards, and explore dungeons. So far, it seems to be a genuine hit.

"I was always going to play this game anyways, but I adore the art style of this game," one fan wrote on Reddit.

"I know that WB announced a Harry Potter television series, but instead of live-action, I wish they used a style similar to this (or perhaps the Arcane style on Netflix). I think that would work even better than another live-action rendition."

Another added: "I am genuinely surprised by the quality of the art and animation. The game looks amazing."

Harry Potter have certainly had plenty to enjoy this past year. Despite being several months old, Hogwarts Legacy players are still having an absolute blast - especially on PC, where the modding community is having a field day with all kinds of new additions like online multiplayer.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is free to download and play right now

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros

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