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Harry Potter book bought for 30p now worth £5,000

Harry Potter book bought for 30p now worth £5,000

A rare Harry Potter book bought for just 30p is now worth an estimated £5,000.

Sometimes the whole purpose of treasure hunting is to make incredible profits when sold, while others just appreciate owning a slice of history.

Bargain-hunting experts will have a keen eye on what to look out for, but there will be times when a bargain is acquired with no idea of its true value. One such bargain comes in the form of a Harry Potter book that was purchased by a man for just 30p but could now sell for as much as £5,000 at auction.

As reported by BBC News, the rare first edition copy of Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone published in 1997 was purchased for an incredibly small price at a Wolverhampton library in the UK. Only 500 of these particular books were produced, 300 of which were issued to libraries across the country.

Sadly the man who purchased the book, died aged just 55, had a passion for collecting books, a hobby that began when he was at school, says his sister who requested the BBC to be unnamed.

“He would go to jumble sales and church fairs and would come back with a pile of annuals or comics,” she said. When the man moved house, and despite books and memorabilia being stored in hundreds of boxes, the sister thought that the item had been lost.

Thankfully, the book was discovered by a Lichfield-based auctioneer, after the item was placed in storage. Richard Winterton, who found the book said that it would be a “magical moment” when it is sold at auction on 10 July 2023.

“Now it's come to light again we, as a family, are quite excited,” added the sister. The book was discovered looking a little worse for wear, despite being estimated to fetch a high price. “It has clearly been well-read, which is most befitting of one of the initial run of books which helped fuel the early popularity of Potter - which, of course, rapidly evolved into a global phenomenon,” said Winterton.

In related news, it seems that this rare Harry Potter item is not the only treasure expected to make a small fortune at auction. Though, the following item can’t be described as a ‘small fortune”. A dress worn by Princess Leia (played by Carrie Fisher) in Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope is expected to fetch an estimated $2 million at auction.

Featured Image Credit: Warner Bros.

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