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Halo battle royale gets surprise release you can download free now

Halo battle royale gets surprise release you can download free now

The title has debuted with three different maps

A free fan-made Halo battle royale is now available for download as long as you have access to the official Halo Infinite multiplayer mode.

The mode itself is designed inside the official Halo Infinite Forge mode, and is developed by a team that refers to themselves as the Forge Falcons. The mode allows for up to 24-players, has AI capabilities, loot drops that can provide the edge on any opponent, a five-tier looting system, and a shrinking zone that always keeps you moving and makes sure that you can't stay in one place, lest you find yourself absolutely destroyed by an invisible oncoming swarm.

Each of the three maps have a 'Halo Infinite' mode that gives each player 50% extra shields and two lives, in an effort to not only balance the game, but also to ensure that fans don't die in the first minutes of the game and find themselves sitting out a twenty plus minute game in the meantime.

Interestingly, this fan-made release comes after an official battle royale was reportedly cancelled. Reportedly the battle royale was being developed by Certain Affinity, but was cancelled earlier this year. That same battle royale was discussed in a January 2023 report from Bloomberg, suggesting that there was more the project than just rumors that were being thrown about by insiders, and that there was something much more concrete about this release at the time. With this fan-made release, this is the closest fans will ever get to being able to run around as Master Chief in a Halo map with other people who are also Spartans, akin to a Red V Blue episode.

Featured Image Credit: Microsoft

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