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Halo 2's 'giving the Covenant back their bomb' hailed as one of gaming's best cutscenes

Halo 2's 'giving the Covenant back their bomb' hailed as one of gaming's best cutscenes

One of the best cutscenes ever.

Players are debating which is the best cutscene in gaming and one of the leaders of the pack comes from Halo 2. A player took to Reddit to say how much they loved the cutscene dubbed "giving the covenant back their bomb" which left them "stunned" at the time.

Plenty of people were in agreement with the poster and many in the replies agreed that the accolade go to a Halo game. The top reply makes mention of deaths in Halo Reach saying, "you felt their death like you'd been watching Saving Private Ryan."

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It's not just Halo games mentioned in the thread. "The opening cutscene/title screen of Assassins Creed 2 will live rent free in my mind for the rest of my life. The two young brothers living a carefree life over looking the roof tops of Florence as Ezio's theme kicks while they wish for their lives to never change." is mentioned by user u/xanas263.

Of course, Red Dead Redemption 2 is brought up, with u/SenhorSus who said "RDR 2 when the O'Driscoll is about to be hung. The slow realization was so well done for me."

A reply that gets my vote too is "Spec ops the line, the white phosphorus" mentioned by u/sockets1984. If you've played that game, no further explanation is needed. One user brought up Control, "When you enter the ashtray maze. It was mind blowing seeing her put the headphones on - hearing metal while a maze is completely shifting around you."

A relatively easy one, and one that was tackled quite recently, is "The Last of Us. Joel and Sarah." mentioned by u/ConceptMotor9351. This one effected so many, but particularly parents. The thread is a testament to gaming as an emotional artform. There aren't many people mentioning happy or cheerful cutscenes. The majority of the choices are sad or brooding, which shows that games can tackle difficult subjects with ease.

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