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Hacker Who Stole $6 Million Worth Of 'CS:GO' Skins Finally Identified

Hacker Who Stole $6 Million Worth Of 'CS:GO' Skins Finally Identified

After just one week, the culprit behind the CS:GO skins hack has been located by CS.MONEY.

Just last week, it was revealed that millions of dollars worth of Counter Strike: Global Offensive skins had been stolen from a trading website. Originally, it was estimated that around $1.6 million worth had been stolen, but that figure has since risen to $6 million. It was CS.MONEY which fell victim to the hack but already, the company has reported that the culprit has been identified.

It’s hard to fathom that virtual skins could hold such value but it’s true. CS:GO skins can fetch thousands of dollars in online auctions. The hack was completed between 12 and 13 August. CS.MONEY quickly took down the website whilst they investigated the incident. After one week, they’ve now announced that almost half of all of the stolen items have been recovered.

CS.MONEY is owned by EX CORP and EX CORP’s CCO Timofey Sobolevsky has now explained exactly how the attack happened. He wrote, “By stealing our MA-files, someone took control over our bots. The hackers already stole around $6M worth of skins.” He added, “The hackers had been sending our skins out till five in the morning, and in total they managed to pull off around 1,000 trades with about 100 user accounts in the first day of their attack.”

The hacker has now been identified by CS.MONEY with Soboleksy adding, “We can already tell you that we have found the one who hacked us and we’ve learned how exactly it was done. While we were at it, we regained control over the accounts used to store the stolen skins.” He went on to thank customers for their patience and support. Once the final skins have been restored, CS.MONEY will proceed with compensating any remaining affected customers.

Featured Image Credit: Valve

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