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GTA 6 Online gameplay appears online ahead of second trailer

GTA 6 Online gameplay appears online ahead of second trailer

GTA 6 Online gameplay appears online ahead of second trailer

With each day taking us closer to the release of Grand Theft Auto 6, players are desperate to know what we can expect from the long-awaited sequel.

Other than a confirmation of the game existing and the first trailer being released in December of last year, Rockstar are remaining pretty tight-lipped about what fans can expect from Grand Theft Auto 6.

Check out the first official Grand Theft Auto 6 trailer below!

This is perhaps unsurprising considering 2022 saw the company become the victims of hacking after one person decided to leak over 90 gameplay videos online which resulted in them being sentenced to indefinite detention in a secure hospital in December of last year.

Since then, fans were treated to Grand Theft Auto 6’s first official trailer which gave us a sneak peek at our two brand-new protagonists, Jason and Lucia as well as a look at the new and improved Vice City landscape.

However, fans were desperate for more and one leaked video (which has since been deleted) gave us some news on GTA 6 Online.

Posted to Twitter by InfinityBesk, the leaked video revealed that the game’s online component could allow up to 32 players. With Grand Theft Auto Vs max being 30, it is not much of a change but as this is unconfirmed, it could be even more upon release.

“I did some looking into GTA 6 leaks to see if I can find anything new and yes I've found first GTA 6 Online footage probably not that many people noticed this in the clip,” InfinityBesk wrote back in March 2023.

Another feature the gameplay showed was the ability to pick other player’s bodies up and carry them around on your shoulder. This was only available via a mod for GTA 5 Online so it is good to see Rockstar adding some much-loved mods as regular features.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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