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'Grand Theft Auto 6' Leak Claims Female Lead, Vice City Location And Release Window

'Grand Theft Auto 6' Leak Claims Female Lead, Vice City Location And Release Window

A new report from Bloomberg has revealed a whole host of details about the upcoming GTA game - although they're currently unconfirmed.

A bunch of newly leaked details about the upcoming Grand Theft Auto game have just been revealed by Bloomberg, and assuming that they’re true, there’s some huge surprises.

Reportedly (shared by @Nibellion via Twitter), the game will feature a female protagonist for the first time in the series’ history. She’ll apparently be Latina, and is one half of a pair of leading characters, who were influenced by Bonnie and Clyde.

Take a look at the video below for a taste of what GTA 6 could end up looking like...

It doesn’t stop there. As @DexertoGaming writes, the game will apparently take place in Vice City, and is currently slated for an April 2023 - March 2024 release, which is potentially a lot sooner than I think any of us expected. Admittedly, yes, that’s a large window, but the fact that it could be happening in less than a year is incredibly exciting.  

Despite literally everyone referring to the new title as GTA 6, it’s still not been given an official name, although apparently, its code name is Project Americas. Reportedly, the game is set to be huge, with more interior locations than the already substantial GTA V, and there’s plans to add even more cities as post-launch content. 

Although all this might seem a bit sudden, keep in mind that it was just this month that an insider claimed that Rockstar had scrapped plans for Red Dead Redemption and GTA IV remakes, as well as new-gen ports of Red Dead Redemption 2, all so that more focus could be put on GTA VI, which could suggest that the title is a bit further along in development than we realised. Again, if true, this is very bittersweet news, as all three of the scrapped projects are things that fans have been begging for for years, but hey. At least it’s for GTA VI, supposedly.

As hype-worthy as all this may be, do take it all with a big pinch of salt until it’s officially confirmed by Rockstar. Speaking of which, can we please get a trailer soon? 

Featured Image Credit: YT/DubStepZz, Rockstar Games

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