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GTA 6 fans agree GTA Online 2 making players start fresh is a good thing

GTA 6 fans agree GTA Online 2 making players start fresh is a good thing

Get ready to start over

Grand Theft Auto VI isn’t quite as close to release as we perhaps first hoped.

While Rockstar Games may have never originally specified a launch window beyond the vague promise of 2025, many presumed that the game would be targeting a spring release.

This estimate wasn’t simply plucked out of thin air, with the guess instead based on forecasted earnings released by Rockstar’s parent company, Take-Two Interactive.

We now know, however, that GTA VI will be launching in fall of 2025 - so roughly some time between September and November.

It’s worth keeping those original forecasted earnings in mind though as this could mean that GTA VI pre-orders are due to arrive in the spring.

There’s still so much about GTA VI that we don’t know. Let’s not forget that we’ve not even officially laid eyes on any gameplay.

A PC release remains unconfirmed, as does an online component.

Presumably, GTA VI will be followed by a successor to GTA Online and if that is the case, existing GTA Online users are actually looking forward to the idea of a fresh start.

You may as well watch it again. Take a look at GTA VI in action below.

“I don’t think starting over in GTA VI Online is a bad thing,” began Reddit user CheesybisquitFTW.

“The days I was having the most fun with GTA Online was when I had to rob convenience stores to afford a house and a beat up and quite frankly stolen Toyota. Incrementally building that up to a proper street racer, buying an apartment and slowly but surely building an enterprise.”

It’s true. While, yes, it’s fun to reach the top, enjoying the fruits of our labour, the climb to get there can often prove to be even more rewarding.

“We need to start over. A reset is necessary,” added dylan_021800. “Obviously microtransactions are clearly going to be present but hopefully Rockstar has a clearer vision for what the next Online mode will be.”

“Agreed. I still remember how hyped my brother and I were when we finally scraped together enough money to buy the cheapest apartment in LS. I want to experience that again,” wrote Randers420.

Bring on the grind, I say. Let’s hope Rockstar lifts the lid on whatever’s next soon.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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