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'GTA 6' Development Is A "Mess" And Has Been Restarted Multiple Times, Says Insider

'GTA 6' Development Is A "Mess" And Has Been Restarted Multiple Times, Says Insider

Better late than Trevor

Grand Theft Auto VI is arguably the most anticipated video game of all time. There’s an incredible amount of pressure on Rockstar Games to deliver a sequel that somehow improves and builds on GTA V, one of the biggest games ever made. That’s a tall order, no? 

Sadly, it’s coming up to eight years since GTA V launched, and we still have absolutely no idea when GTA VI will be ready. We’ve heard all sorts of rumours, of course. Alleged leakers have recently claimed the game will be set in Vice City, that it’ll feature a constantly evolving open world, and that it might not actually be here until 2023

That last claim in particular stings, given that we could still be years away from a game we’ve already waited the better part of 10 years for. What’s even worse, is that a new report suggests we might have to wait even longer than this. 

As first spotted by DSO Gaming, reliable insider and leaker Rockstar Mag’s Chris Liberty has claimed that development on GTA VI is not going as planned. He went so far as to describe the game as being in “development hell”, which is… not good. Obviously. 

In a recent video (translated to English via captions), Liberty explains that GTA VI “is the most chaotic project of Rockstar since its creation”. Development is even said to have been completely restarted once or twice. 

The team is thought to have run into multiple issues throughout development, many of which were compounded when Rockstar co-founder Dan Houser left the company last year. Liberty claims Rockstar parent company Take-Two Interactive wanted to unveil the game in 2020, but it just wasn’t ready. 

While Liberty has a proven track record with GTA leaks, do take this with a pinch of salt for now. Rockstar has yet to say anything publicly about GTA VI - although this could very well be the reason why. 

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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