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Bully 2 seemingly confirmed in Rockstar job listing

Bully 2 seemingly confirmed in Rockstar job listing

Just announce Bully 2, please Rockstar!

Bully is considered to be of a cult classic and perhaps even somewhat of an under-appreciated game to the masses.

To be fair, anyone that has played Bully will know how much of a fantastic game it is and fans have been calling for a sequel for years. So when I say that Bully is somewhat of an under-appreciated game, I'm talking about the assumed perspective of developer Rockstar Games and not from the fans.

Check out the Bully trailer below!

Rumours of Bully 2 being in development have been making the internet sounds for a very long time and it’s becoming increasingly easy to become numb to such rumours. After all, there are only so many times that those rumours can cry wolf. Still, fans live in hope that we’ll get a Bully sequel one day or perhaps even a remake of the original game that was released in 2006.

The latest rumour to make the rounds is courtesy of A LinkedIn profile from an alleged former developer of Rockstar Games claims to have worked on Bully 2 and even Bully 3. However, the latter is believed to be a typo. The profile states that Bully 2 was being developed in 2008, which is of course two years after the release of the original game. Which makes me wonder, if Bully 2 was in development 15 years ago, where has it gone?

Obviously, rumours and speculation should always be taken with a pinch of salt until proven otherwise. That being said, claims to have verified that the alleged developer is a former Rockstar Games employee. Sadly, with reports of a GTA IV remaster/remake or likely a re-release as proven with the recent Red Dead Redemption announcement, not to mention the imminent arrival of GTA VI, if we were to get a new Bully game, that waiting time could extend into the two-decade territory.

If you are itching to play some old-school Bully, it was re-released as a classic game for PlayStation 4 in 2016 and it is also backwards compatible with modern Xbox consoles.

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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