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'GTA 5' PS5 Remaster Has Been Delayed Yet Again, Says Insider

'GTA 5' PS5 Remaster Has Been Delayed Yet Again, Says Insider

The re-release was supposed to come out in November last year, and now it looks like we could be waiting even longer.

We all like a bit of GTA, don’t we? As fans, the logical thing to do would be to get excited for a new game in the series, right? Wrong, actually. Rockstar says you’re going to get another re-release of a 2013 game, and you’re going to like it.

First announced back in 2020, reception for the PS5 remaster of GTA V has been very mixed. The first gameplay trailer left fans struggling to actually notice any difference between the new version and the 2015 PS4 and Xbox One ports, which y’know, hardly bodes well. But despite the port not seeming to offer anything new, that didn’t stop Rockstar from delaying it to March this year, soaring past the original release date of 11 November 2021. Now, it looks like it might be delayed even more.

In case you missed it, check out the trailer for the GTA V PS5 port below.

According to insider @Matheusbr9895_ over on Twitter, it could be a further couple of months before we see the re-release hit shelves: “The development is complicated. At the moment it is still in March, but there are great chances that it will be postponed to April/May,” they wrote (translated via Google).

Over on Reddit, people have been speculating what could be taking Rockstar so long to release the game: "It’s pretty much been 2 years since announcement, makes me wonder why it’s so hard to remaster this game when they already did it twice for PC and last generation hardware,” wrote hushpolocaps69. “There's gotta be something significant, right? New story content, or completely ported over to their updated engine, or something. Can't think of any reason why a simple next gen upscale should take this long. Maybe they're actually creating a single player expansion,” said DatClubbaLang96.

As of now, of course, this is all unofficial speculation, but to have faced a fairly chunky delay in the first place, it does make you wonder what could be going on behind the scenes. You’d certainly think it’d be in Rockstar’s interest to add something new to draw in everyone who’s already played the game before, but hey, not necessarily. It’s worked out just fine for Skyrim

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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