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'GTA Trilogy' Is Hiding A 'GTA 6' Easter Egg

'GTA Trilogy' Is Hiding A 'GTA 6' Easter Egg

Once more unto the breach.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas — the newest version in the Definitive Edition — is hiding a possible Easter egg for the next game in the series. 

In spite of the theory that Grand Theft Auto VI won’t be in our hands until 2025, fans are fervent with any possibility that the developer is hinting at the existence of the game. Rockstar Games has even gone as far as to ban the mention of the game on its YouTube channel, but the community is convinced that this photo of South Beach Miami is a Vice City reference.

Or this number plate. Or this letter in Red Dead Redemption 2. Now, let’s not say that players are clutching at straws because that would be kicking them when they’re down. Anyway, this discovery in the remastered Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas has captured their curiosity for the time being, with the general conclusion that it is hinting at a Miami setting once more.

Check out our summary on everything we know about the next game in the series below!

At the Lil Probe Inn, the photographs on the wall show various UFOs entering the airspace across the environments of Grand Theft Auto as well as Guarma from Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s this house that has been raising eyebrows in the community because no one is able to place it in the series. Check it out in Twitter user @Pollofrito69420’s post below:

Moreover, players reckon that this looks a lot better than the photo of Los Santos, insinuating that this is a newer, upgraded game. Perhaps the best part of this is that some are saying that the house looks a lot like the one from The Golden Girls, a classic sitcom featuring four elderly women who share a house in Miami. Ergo, it’s adding to the pile of evidence that Grand Theft Auto VI is returning to Vice City in some shape or form. 

Imaginably, Rockstar Games is going to stay silent on the topic of the next game, and to be honest, it’s probably got its hands full sorting out the numerous issues with the remasters. If you can’t wait that long, then modders are answering your prayers already. 

Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games

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